Building IoT applications on Oracle Cloud


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četvrtak, 11. svibanj 2017., 12:10


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Building IoT applications on Oracle CloudWe’re all becoming increasingly connected to devices (tablets, mobile phones, fitness devices, etc.). This connectivity is also extending to more physical assets, such as vehicles, buildings, and equipment. These connected devices and physical assets, which make up the Internet of Things (IoT), are able to collect and exchange data to increase our safety, efficiency, and knowledge.There are nearly endless uses of the Internet of Things in our personal lives. They range from monitoring our fitness form or sleeping patterns to automating our home heating or lighting.The IoT possibilities explode even more when thinking about the uses by businesses, manufacturers, scientists, physicians, etc.In this practical session we will look at the steps of building a simple application (IoT equivalent of a HelloWorld application) using Oracle IoT Cloud Service. With a help of a client library we will create a Java program simulating an virtual device with a digital identity that securely sends messages to the IoT Cloud Service. We will also explore other protocol such as REST and MQTT. Messages will be processed on the server and we will perform a real time streaming analysis of the data such as aggregations and pattern matching.

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