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četvrtak, 11. svibanj 2017., 17:00


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DevOps promotes an open culture of collaboration, merging these silos into central teams with a more agile development methodology. Everything from development to production is automated as much as possible, allowing applications to be continuously developed, built, and released into production. In this environment everything is monitored and measured allowing for faster feedback back into the development cycles, with many incremental changes over short time periods. While the key to success for a DevOps environment is really the work environment itself, we've certainly seen some changes to tools that have made such an agile methodology much, much easier.This DevOps demo showcases how customers can quickly build enterprise-scale applications on the Cloud using Oracle Platform as a Services (PaaS) offerings like Database Cloud Service (DBCS), Java Cloud Service (JCS), and Developer Cloud Service (DevCS). It illustrates how to quickly bring Developers and Operations together using the agile methodology of backlog and sprints within DevCS. This also illustrates an example of infrastructure as code using PSM to script the creation of JCS and DBCS for repeatability.In this session we will be addressing 3 aspects of DevOps: Development, Operations and Culture. We shall focus on using PaaS Service Manager REST/YAML to create our infrastructure as code (DBCS/JCS). This REST code can be checked into the DevCS GIT repository alongside Application source code.

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