Guidelines & Useful Tips

All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the conference program committee. The organizers are expecting high-quality abstracts that clearly describe the content of the proposed activity. The organizers are interested in original contributions regarding technologies, services, and products from Java-related environments in an informative manner. The organizers are also interested in other suggestions which would round-up efficiency of applications deriving from the user's needs. All suggestions need to have a clear focus and inform participants about what they could learn from it. We are expecting suggestions from various companies and organizations, which expose new ideas and show a contemporary approach. Suggestions that interest users and provoke discussion are welcome. 

The organizers are expecting examples from a wide array of interests, including:

  • Case studies and/or Success stories from a user's point of view
  • Best practices (based on experience and acquired knowledge)
  • Tips and tricks
  • Solutions
  • News and upgrades

The speakers need to deliver presentation materials before the due date stated in Call for Speakers, in common presentation formats (e.g. Powerpoint or similar). By previous approval by the organizers, it is possible to deliver in other formats. The speakers are also required to deliver PDF version of their presentation for later public release.

For presentations with additional materials (e.g. external videos, resources, etc.) prior approval by the organizers is needed - let us know no later than when delivering presentation materials.

The organizers require to mandatory incorporate JavaCro conference logo in an upper-right corner of all slides, which could be found on the Contact page.

The organizers recommend adjusting font size and images on all slides so they can be clearly visible from the audience.

Standard presentation time slots are of 30, 45, and 60 minutes, including Q&A (questions and answers). If not approved otherwise by the organizers, all presentation must be delivered in standard time slots.

The organizers hold the right to change times and/or even cancel presentations under exceptional circumstances.

Proposal form submission guidelines

Mandatory fields:

  • Title: Up to 40 chars (incl. spaces)
  • Abstract: Up to 2500 chars (incl. spaces) for both languages
  • Type: Choose from presented options
  • Difficulty level: Choose from presented options
  • Preferred experience: Choose from presented options
  • Preferred function: Choose from presented  options
  • Group: Choose from presented topics
  • Lecture duration: Choose 30, 45 or 60 minutes (except for workshops)
  • Author details: First name, Lastname, Phone, E-mail, Company Position, Picture (min. 150 dpi)
  • Short biography: Up to 1000 chars (incl. spaces) for both languages
  • Company information: Name, Address, City, Zip code, Web address

Failing to fill these fields according to these rules could lead to not submitting your proposal until all mandatory fields are correctly filled. 

 Additional fields:

  • Coauthor details: First name, Lastname, Company Position, Picture (min 150 dpi)
  • Short biography: Up to 1000 chars (incl. spaces) for both languages

After the successful submission procedure, the speaker will get a confirmation message.

If the speaker wants to change already sent information, please contact the organizers.


The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users & Croatian Java Users Association. 

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