Program rules

By sending a proposal you are authorizing the organizers to promote, publish, demonstrate, and distribute the information and materials received, including your name and details as well as proposal title, abstract and other details, but only connected with the JavaCro conference.

The speakers of the selected proposal will receive the Notification of Acceptance about their proposal no later than the date stated in the Call for Speakers. At the same time, organizers will send the authors (the first author if there is more than one) to accept the participation and to present at the conference the proposed topic together with the acceptance form where the speaker will agree to present at the conference. By accepting this the author confirms to become a speaker at the conference and consequently will receive a free of charge entrance to the conference i.e., speaker's conference pass. The speaker's pass enables the speaker to be present on all events related to the conference.

The acceptance must be completely in accordance with the rules imposed by the employer of the speaker, including also the possible conflict of interests, ethical, and gift acceptance rules. The free of charge speaker's pass will be abolished in case the session is canceled or substituted.

The free of charge pass is limited to one lecturer and is not transferable, if not authorized otherwise by the organizers.

The organizers do not reimburse any other costs to the speaker. The speakers are liable for any applicable taxes and other costs connected for the acceptance of free of charge speaker's pass.

Please take care not to include any authorized or confidential materials, and use disclaimers when necessary. The speaker is also responsible for obtaining permits for use of such materials. Please check every contact and information on the content of your materials before sending the proposal.

The organizers reserve the right to change the information of the registered activity connected to the clarity, length, and style, only to assure the proper use of the conference rules.

The deadline must be respected. All the proposals received after the defined deadline may not be approved. The breach of the deadline rules can lead to rejecting the proposed topic. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the session if necessary.


The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users & Croatian Java Users Association. 

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