What are some tools every Angular developer should have in their toolbox?


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Thursday, 11. May 2017., 17:40


Hall D



We all know that today's front-end development is much more than HTML/CSS spiked with a bit of jQuery magic. But, are we really aware of how far front-end development has come and how much magic actually happens there? Not only did the concepts which were reserved for back-end development conferences move into the front-end, but they are now so entrenched in it that we would not know how to function without them. Front-end ecosystem has for the past few years been extremely agile, which is good because it has generated a lot of frameworks, tools and implementation options. However, there is a problem with having all these possibilities - in this huge forest of information, trees are constantly growing old and dying as a result of these new options. The fact is that it is not easy being a developer in the front-end ecosystem, which is why we will present a set of tools which every developer who works in Angular ecosystem in 2017 needs to have in their toolbox. We will talk about the importance of these tools, and demonstrate real-life examples to show how they are applied. If you are interested in reactive programming, event sourcing, and want to hear about the record-breaking number of frameworks and tools used to build a stopwatch, come and support us.

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