Serverless CI/CD of Java Microservices on Kubernetes with Jenkins X


Trends & Future

Date and time

Monday, 13. May 2019., 10:50


Hall A



In the last few years we witnessed big changes in how we actually build, deploy and run applications with the rise of Microservices, Containers, Kubernetes and Serverless frameworks. Those amazing improvements need a cultural shift based on continuous improvement in order to deliver business value and delight our customers.But how could a team achieve this ambitious goal?This talk will introduce the attendees to a revolutionary open source project, called Jenkins X Serverless, which attempts to achieve this goal. It is a reimagined CI/CD Ecosystem for Kubernetes built around Jenkins X Serverless, which leverages Prow and Knative serverless functions.After this talk, attendees will be able to develop effectively in a cloud native way in any language on any kubernetes cluster!Let’s be finally Agile!

Lecture details

Type: Lecture
Level of difficulty: Detailed
Experience Level: Experienced
Desirable listeners function: Developer , System Arhitect
Group of activity: Trends & Future

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The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users & Croatian Java Users Association. 

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