Hrvoje Crnjak Oradian d.o.o.

Hrvoje is a Team lead at Oradian, and a Lead Software Developer at several startups.Currently his main focus is leading a team at Oradian, a fintech startup.He entered the world of software development programming microcontrollers and FPGA circuits.After he got the handle on that, he decided to play with Java.He was doing that for 8 years working on several big international projects (and some not so big).Then he got borred, so he started learning the strange ways of front-end development, so that he could finally say he's a full-stack developer.He did a couple of single-page apps (React + Java), and then wandered off into the the world of Scala.For the past 2 years he's been a proud Scala developer.As he got older he developed an appetite for sharing his knowledge with the software community which led him to speaking engagements such as this one.He's a software nomad always interested in learning new technologies and methodologies, and never completely satisfied with his or anyone else's code.



Konferenciju organiziraju Hrvatska udruga Oracle korisnika i Hrvatska udruga Java korisnika. 

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